‘Fortnite’ update seems to address controversy surrounding its Imposter map

The update now references InnerSloth's Among Us as inspiration

A brand new Fortnite patch seems to acknowledge the controversy surrounding its Among Us-inspired game mode.

Back in August, Epic Games released a brand new game mode called Imposters, which found players either as an Agent or an Impostor working to sabotage the “Imagined Order” organisation. When it was released, many in the community found that the mode seemed to be heavily influenced by the indie hit Among Us, as even the map layout, as well as the tasks and discussions mechanic, looked very similar.

In response to the new game mode, the developers behind Among Us InnerSloth reacted to the new Fortnite mode online, with Community Director Victoria Tran later tweeting, “It would’ve been really, really cool to collab… like game mechanics fine, those shouldn’t be gatekept, but at the very least even different themes or terminology makes things more interesting?”


Two months later, it looks like Epic Games has finally addressed the issue. As spotted by mp1st, Fortnite‘s latest blog post says, “v18.20 brings improvements to Imposters, the game mode inspired by Among Us from InnerSloth!”

This indicates that the controversy was likely discussed behind the scenes within the last couple of months as InnerSloth has now been referenced for the Imposter’s mode main inspiration.

As to what the update includes, Epic Games has introduced several new features to the Fortnite game mode including one called ‘Role Bias’, which now allows players to select their role preference.

Meanwhile, Fortnite‘s The Walking Dead crossover is making a return just in time for Halloween, but this time Rick Grimes is joining the roster.