‘Forza Motorsport 7’ to be removed from sale just four years after release

'Forza Motorsport 7' will be unavailable to buy from the Microsoft Store or play via Xbox Game Pass, from September

Microsoft has announced that Forza Motorsport 7 has reached “End of life status” and will be removed from sale on September 15.

Forza Motorsport 7 released in 2017 on Xbox One and PC, and is the most recent entry in the Forza Motorsport series, as this year makes way for Forza Horizon 5 in November.

According to a post from the official website, owners of the game can still access and download all existing content and DLC, and features like online multiplayer will still be available.


However, new players will be unable to purchase Forza Motorsport 7 from the above date from the Microsoft Store or play it on Xbox Game Pass.

While it seems drastic to remove a game from sale just after four years, Microsoft had similarly delisted Forza Horizon 3 last year. Nonetheless, it’s a stark contrast when earlier this month, Xbox head Phil Spencer said that he was concerned about the state of video game preservation.

“I really wish as an industry we’d come together to help preserve the history of what gaming is about, so we don’t lose the ability to go back,” he said during a Kinda Funny Games podcast.

For players who do want to get the game before it’s too late, Forza Motorsport 7 is now discounted by 75 per cent on the Microsoft Store with the standard edition available for just £7.49.


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