Four Xbox Game Pass announcements teased for The Game Awards

Courtesy of Melissa McGamepass

Xbox has teased, in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, that four Xbox Game Pass game announcements will be coming to The Game Awards.

Airing on December 9 8PM ET (December 10 1AM in the UK), The Game Awards will feature plenty of awards, trailers, and announcements. The Xbox Game Pass for PC Twitter account shared a “confidential” email from the 100 per cent real Melissa McGamepass, who said that there will be four day one PC games announced for Game Pass at The Game Awards.

These types of “confidential” emails typically have something hidden in them as well, and this post was no exception. A hidden message read “if you’re the first to edit this photo, congrats to you here’s a code”, which apparently gave one lucky user a month of Game Pass Ultimate.


A slew of other announcements appear to be hitting The Game Awards, as host Geoff Keighley recently stated that there are “four or five things” on the scale of Elden Ring to be announced.

Keighley recently found himself in hot water though, as he took a middle-of-the-road stance on Activision Blizzard amid the ongoing misconduct scandal at the company. He then later reversed this stance saying that “beyond its nominations, I can confirm that Activision Blizzard will not be a part of this year’s The Game Awards.”

Activision Blizzard will still be able to collect awards at the show, and Activision president Rob Kostich is still on the advisory board as well.

In terms of Game Pass, PlayStation seems to be gearing up a tiered subscription service to rival it. Codenames Spartacus, the service will apparently merge PlayStation Plus and PS Now with one of the tiers potentially offering PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP titles.


In other news, Halo Infinite apparently had to go through some form of “development hell” for it to release, which some 343 devs contrasted with Anthem.