‘Friday The 13th: The Game’ co-director reveals cut ‘Among Us’ style mode

One of us is the killer

An Among Us-style mode was planned for Friday The 13th: The Game before a lawsuit blocked development.

In a TwitLonger thread by Wes Keltner, the co-creator of Friday The 13th: The Game and the the CEO of Gun Media, a host of extra modes and content were listed.

One such mode was called Paranoia. “Kinda similar to Among Us. Everyone spawns as counselors. No Jason. You have to find the Part 5 mask. Then you can become Jason.” Keltner explained.


“We discussed forcing the player to have to “hide” to change back and forth.” said Keltner. “Perhaps the armoire/closet thing. The player could be killed if in counselor mode.

“If killed they drop the mask on the ground for the next counselor to pick up and become Part 5.”

Keltner also later tweeted a trailer for the mode back in 2017, which can be seen below:

Also mentioned was  Slumber Party clothing pack, and a Prom pack which had a dance floor modelled after a set from Friday the 13th Part Eight.

Development of the game ended in 2018 after a legal battle began for the rights of the Friday The 13th in 2017.


The conflict between original script writer Victor Miller and series’ producer Sean Cunningham has been going on for years, with the latest update occuring in January 2021, as Cunningham started a dispute with Warner Bros. over profits from the franchise.

Speaking about the impact of the lawsuit on the development of the Friday The 13th: The Game, Keltner sad “We had big ideas for it. Ideas that we thought ya’ll would think were fun, engaging, and rewarding. We wish it would have worked out differently.”

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