GamesCom 2021 will be a “hybrid” event incorporating online and physical guests

"GamesCom 2021 is planned to take place in Cologne as well as online all over the world!"

GamesCom will be returning in 2021 as a “hybrid” event, featuring both online and physical experiences.

GamesCom’s August opening means organisers are cautiously optimistic about the ability of the event to offer in-person experiences. In 2020, the event went completely digital due to the coronavirus pandemic, alongside many other games festivals and cons.


Making their announcement on Twitter, GamesCom’s social media team said: “We are so excited to announce that gamescom 2021 is planned to take place in Cologne as well as online all over the world! Get ready for our on-site entertainment area, new trailers, demos & much more.”

The organisers are keeping the physical events to limited numbers, but will once again open up GamesCom’s entertainment areas which have been “especially designed for a reduced amount of on-site visitors, which focuses on the testing of new games live on-site including a digital queue management system.”

Taking place in Cologne, Germany between August 25-29, GamesCom maintains that some of the most popular elements of the event will be digital. GamesCom’s Opening Night Live and Awesome Indies will be hosted online.

2020 saw many events move to online only, including E3 – which will remain as a digital event this year, taking place in June 2021 in the form of multiple days of live streams and events.

In other gaming news, Sony have been reported to be brewing an announcement that will close down PS3, PSP, and Vita online stores in July.


According to verified reports, Sony have made the decision to close down their stores for the three consoles. Digital copies of games provided by these three stores will no longer be available to purchase or potentially re-download.