‘Generation Zero’ gets Soviet mechs in newest free update

Soviet mechs, UI improvements, and more

Generation Zero has added Soviet mechs to the game as the third anniversary of its release approaches.

This free update, called the Landfall Update, introduces a new faction to Generation Zero, the Soviets. It’s a new faction that is hostile to both the Resistance (which are the players) and the FNIX machines. Players will be able to use this to their advantage to potentially pit two enemy factions against one another.

Apart from the addition of the new Soviet war machines, the Generation Zero has a few new additions to the game with this update too. There are new base building rewards, where all players will get a free pack containing a range of base-building items. As well as this there have been UI improvements, so players can discover more storage and resource capacity. Part of the improvements also includes a new weapon wheel so players can quickly switch between gear, which in turn increases the number of equipment slots. And there are new map revamps too, such as how the south forest region has been redesigned with changes to improve environmental storytelling.


Along with the free updates comes a new piece of paid DLC called the Base Defense Pack. The DLC just contains a variety of new weapons and items players can use such as a resistance grenade launcher pillbox, a spiked wall trap, and a human decoy.

Developer Systemic Reaction has also said that players can look forward to more additions to Generation Zero further on in 2022.

In other news, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is concerning some indie developers. Director at Kitfox Games, Tanya Short – developer of Boyfriend Dungeon – said “This Activision acquisition strikes fear in us because it makes it so much more obvious – maybe they could dominate the rest of the year and then what do we do?”