‘Genshin Impact’ community slams anniversary event for “exploiting” fans

Fans are accusing Mihoyo of exploiting the community

The Genshin Impact community is expressing anger at the one-year anniversary event added by Mihoyo, which players accuse of “exploiting” fans.

Mihoyo has outlined a series of events that are meant to celebrate the first birthday of Genshin Impact, however the announcement has received significant backlash.

Fans are angry that the bulk of this anniversary event will be web-based contests with gacha-like rewards, where the vast majority of rewards are relatively insignificant for experienced players.


The rewards in question are outlined in Mihoyo’s announcement post. For “A Message In Time”, players create an anniversary card and enter it into a raffle, where they have a 10 per cent chance of winning a Blessing Of The Welkin Moon. For the other 90 per cent, the reward is 100,000 Mora. Other events in the anniversary celebration similarly include a small, limited number of rewards.

While some of the events offer pricey real-world items – an iPhone 13 Pro Max is up for grabs in one competition – there are only three available, and fans must share posts daily on social media to participate in the raffle.

While some are angry over the seemingly close-fisted rewards, others feel that the event simply “uses” players for marketing, as many of the events include resharing Genshin Impact content on social media or creating original artwork, cosplays, and videos. As these are then posted and shared on social media for a chance of winning rewards, players are accusing Mihoyo of exploiting the Genshin Impact fanbase for free marketing and little reward.

Over on the Genshin Impact subreddit, a post with almost 17,000 upvotes has drawn a slew of replies from angry fans. One user labels the events as “a colossal waste of time for a chance of puny rewards”, explaining how the rewards don’t do justice to the vast amount of work that goes into fan art.


In other news, the early access launch of Blood Bowl 3 has been delayed.