‘Genshin Impact’ introduces Anemo ninja, Sayu, with new gameplay trailer

Sayu rolls into action next week

MiHoYo has revealed new information about Sayu, Genshin Impact‘s “resident ninja”, and the next obtainable four-star character who can wield a claymore.

Genshin Impact‘s latest playable character, Sayu, has received her own trailer along with brand new details about her background and abilities.

The gameplay trailer, ‘Sayu: Yoohoo Art, Mujina Espace’, presents the “lazy” Mujina Ninja’s Anemo abilities in action, showing her using her weapon against an enemy samurai as well as hurtling towards them in a rolling animation.


According to miHoYo, Sayu is a support character that can attack and heal at the same time. She uses her skills flexibly to inflict damage on enemies and heal her party while doing so.

As for Sayu’s background, she is a part of the Shuumatsuban organization located in Inazuma and has mastered the arts of ninjutsu, though her most prominent trait is not “loyalty”, but “laziness”.

MiHoYo also revealed Sayu’s several combat talents, such as the Yoohoo Art: Fuuin Dash, a special technique that allows the player to release an Anemo attack by rolling forwards and smashing into opponents. When the attack duration ends, Sayu also unleashes a Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick dealing AoE Anemo damage.

This abilities time can be increased by holding down the action, allowing the player to control the direction of her roll. The hold version of this skill can trigger Elemental Absorption when Sayu comes into contact with Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, and Electro enemies.

Sayu’s Elemental Burst ability is the Mujina Flurry, a skill that releases a Daruma sidekick, which deals Anemo damage to nearby opponents as well as healing party members.


Players will obtain Sayu by rolling on Genshin Impact‘s new ‘Tapestry of the Golden Flame’ banner, which is set to begin on August 10.

Along with Sayu, the character Yoimiya will also be available to obtain – a five-star Pyro archer with a love for fireworks. This makes Sayu the fourth character added after Patch 2.0, along with Kaedehara Kazuha and Kamisato Ayaka.

In other news, MiHoYo and Guerrilla Games have teamed up in a new crossover event to bring Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist, Aloy, to Genshin Impact.

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