‘Genshin Impact’ player breaks into new region while underleveled

It may take a while, but it's possible

A Genshin Impact player was able to break into Inazuma using ice bridges, all while underleveled.

Genshin Impact recently saw the addition of the Japanese-inspired region, Inazuma, the third location available to players – if you’re at least level 30, that is.

For players who have yet to reach the new zone, the game requires the player to complete a series of main story quests and reach at least Adventure Rank 30 before they’re able to unlock the way to Inazuma.


However, one Genshin player decided to test their luck to see if it’s possible to walk across the ocean instead of simply completing the quest.

In the video, Reddit user dezeadmf, who is Adventure Rank 9, shows themselves in the new zone after using the ‘Kaeya ice-bridge trick’ to cross the ocean. From zooming out on their map, you can see that the player has barely unlocked any locations of Liyue and is still in the early stages of the main story.

I managed to reach Inazuma at AR 9! from Genshin_Impact

The trick to get across the water requires the player to have the Cryo user, Kaeya, and use his Elemental skill to cast an icy platform onto the water. In the Reddit thread, dezeadmf said the trick is “very tedious” but only took them around one hour.

The Reddit user even shared that they could unlock higher-level world quests, sharing a screenshot of an NPC with the icon above their head.

Although this Genshin Impact player was able to succeed in this challenge, many other Traveller’s have been unable to complete it themselves. Another Reddit clip shows a group of players attempting the same trick together but soon found themselves being struck by lightning before being spawned back to the Liyue.


Meanwhile, Genshin Impact‘s latest playable character, Sayu, has received her own gameplay trailer. Players will obtain Sayu next week (August 10) by rolling on Genshin Impact‘s new ‘Tapestry of the Golden Flame’ banner.

In other news, Final Fantasy XIV‘s seasonal summer event, Moonfire Faire, will begin next week.

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