‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ patch 2.18 marks the end of the game’s active updates

Sucker Punch will still monitor channels for major bugs

Sucker Punch has released an update for Ghost Of Tsushima that marks the end of the studio’s active work on patching the game.

Patch 2.18 was released earlier this week (April 12) and included a note from the developer suggesting that this is the end of planned patches for Ghost Of Tsushima. That said, support channels will still be monitored in case of significant bugs or issues.

The patch notes said: “While we aren’t actively working on any additional patches at the moment, we will continue to monitor feedback on the community-run [GOTlegends] subreddit and messages sent to [Sucker Punch] on Twitter for any high priority bugs or issues that emerge. We want to say a huge thank you to the entire community for the incredible amount of support and feedback we’ve gotten since launch.”



The patch itself targeted the multiplayer Legends mode in Ghost Of Tsushima, which was released as a standalone game last year. Teammate health should no longer dip below zero, and a PS4 save import button has been added as well. A dialogue and cutscene issue has also been fixed in single player, and the New Game Plus merchants should have a higher silk inventory.

Last month it appeared that work may have begun on a sequel to Ghost Of Tsushima. A job listing posted by Sucker Punch asked that applicants have played the original game and understand its core gameplay systems. The advertised roles are for the Senior Combat Designer and Technical Combat Designer.

Another listing for AI Systems Designer said: “We’re looking for someone who understands that to truly make a world come alive, it has to be populated with compelling characters.”


In other news, Horizon Forbidden West’s creative director has said that the game’s cliffhanger ending is allowing the team to create new mysteries for a sequel.

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