Giant update for ‘PlanetSide 2’ makes NSO faction free for all players

Robotic reinforcements inbound

Daybreak Games has released a massive update for Planetside 2 that is available now. A previously premium exclusive faction is now free for all players.

PlanetSide 2’s latest update focuses on reinforcing the Nanite Systems Operatives (NSO) faction by adding more vehicles, weapons and making it free for all players.

In 2019 the NSO was added as a premium-only faction that would fight under the banner of one of the three main empires. The forces would be automatically assigned to whichever empire has the lowest population in the current game.


The NSO _Intergration update now opens the fourth faction up to all players. Free NSO players will be automatically assigned as normal but must first reach BR20 or higher. Premium players may use NSO units while fighting for a faction of their choice, regardless of the server population.

PlanetSide 2′s patch notes detail the two new NSO faction vehicles in the update. One of these is the Dervish heavy fighter. This two-seat aircraft is designed as an air superiority fighter with the pilot controlling a nose gun and the gunner on a top-mounted swivelling turret. Players can swap each weapon for different combat engagements.

The second vehicle added to the NSO is the Chimera main battle tank. The tanks can be fully operated by one player, with the option of a second controlling a support turret. There are additional seats for transporting up to four infantry soldiers.

Infantry has also received new weapons, with over twenty-one new options for ground forces to utilise. These new additions cover every archetype of weapon and better suit the robotic NSO design.


PlanetSide 2 is free to play on both PC through Steam and PS4. The _Intergration update is available to all players now.

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