‘Godfall’ launch trailer suggests the game is coming to other platforms

It could be coming to other systems as early as next year

Godfall’s launch trailer heavily suggests that the game could be arriving on other platforms next year.

The game is set to launch for PS5 and PC on November 12, however, the launch trailer states that it will “not be available on other consoles until at least” May 12, 2021. It also provides one final look at the looter-slasher’s visceral combat in action.

With the limited-time exclusivity, it indicates that the game could be coming to the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S or other systems in the future. However, Counterplay Games has yet to confirm any other platforms outside of those previously announced.


Check out the launch trailer below:

The developer’s website originally stated that the game was in development for “next-gen consoles” adds credence to the suggestion that Godfall could be making its way to other systems, as reported by Video Games Chronicle.

However, the wording of Godfall’s trailer could be mistake on the Sony’s part. On the PS5 launch event, the Demon’s Souls remake trailer revealed that the game would be later coming to PC and other consoles. The company quickly stated that this was a “human error” and that the game is strictly for PS5, according to Kotaku.

Final Fantasy XVI was also revealed during the event, and at the time revealed it would be coming to PC as well. After the showcase, the trailer was reuploaded and was changed to the messaging: “Not available on other platforms for a limited time after release on PS5.”


The developer recently dived into the endgame content for Godfall, looking into a new game mode known as The Tower Of Trials.