‘Gran Turismo 7’ players turn to credit exploit after controversial update

The recent update made it harder to earn rewards for free

Gran Turismo 7 players are reportedly using the Remote Play feature and a script to generate millions of credits without touching a controller.

A number of Gran Turismo 7 fans are taking somewhat drastic measures to grind credits, the in-game currency. Players are using PlayStation‘s Remote Play feature to play the game via PC, and are then using a simple script to run the same race over and over again. This allows players to generate millions of credits, and do so without touching a controller.

The Gran Turismo 7 exploit was posted to PSNProfiles by Septomor (thanks, VGC), and is currently only compatible with Windows machines. One user pointed out on the forum that if the script earns 625k credits per hour, that would be 15million per day, which would in turn have the value of £120 on the PSN store.


Gran Turismo 7
‘Gran Turismo 7’. CREDIT: Polyphony Digital

This has likely come about due to Gran Turismo 7 fans being unhappy with the current state of the game. Recently, on Metacritic, the latest racing game from developer Polyphony Digital received a user score of 2.0, due to a recent update that reduced the awards for in-game events. This in turn has made it harder to unlock cars using currency earned for free, in what players believe is an attempt from the developers to push them towards paying real money for microtransactions.

While this change in how cars are earned in the game, a server outage that lasted 30 hours also led to the lowest ever rating for a Sony game. For other games, this might not be a problem, but Gran Turismo 7 requires players to have an internet connection at all times, meaning the game was essentially unplayable.

In other news, a recent Nintendo Switch update finally lets users organise their games into groups.

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