‘Gran Turismo 7’ will offer over 90 tracks according to retailer leaflet

The racing game is shaping up to be big

Gran Turismo 7 will include 420 different car models and over 90 racing tracks “with realistic weather and scenery”. That’s according to a leaflet given away at a Japanese retail store recently.

Originally spotted by GT Planet, the booklet was distributed at Yodobashi Camera, a major electronics retailer in Japan. A Twitter user posted a series of images from it, providing some insight into what to expect when the game launches on March 4.


The leaflet is in Japanese but numerous images also help the non-fluent. The pamphlet suggests that the “long-awaited GT Mode” is back. It will allow players to “enjoy the car life” while “buying, selling, and tuning the cars and racing”.

More importantly, players’ garages allow them to store up to 1,000 vehicles. A forum user on GT Planet has also translated some of the images to explain more about what to expect.

The leaflet refers to a shopping mall where over 60 automobile brands assemble with the ability to purchase over 300 post-2011 cars. It’s already been confirmed that the game would have over 400 cars.

There is also a used cars dealer which offers up cars that have been “discontinued for a long time” including Japanese historic cars from the 1980s and 1990s. This lineup will be updated every day.

Gran Turismo 7 key art
Gran Turismo 7. Credit: Polyphony Digital

A tuning shop is also available along with a a place for “[dressing] up your car” thanks to over 130 wheels and over 600 aero parts.


Other content includes over 2,500 photo locations in 40 countries across the world. Players can take realistic HDR photographs of their vehicles. There is also a License Centre where players can learn driving techniques from scratch. Also, there will be mission challenges with “unique events…different from ordinary racing”.

Last month, we learned that Gran Turismo 7 would have the most tuning parts in the series’ history.

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