‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ could be supported by over 200 new Rockstar jobs

'Grand Theft Auto 6' is already well underway

Over 200 new jobs have been opened at Rockstar Games over the last month or so, leading to speculation that some or most of them could be for Grand Theft Auto 6 development.

As of publication, 223 jobs are available on Hitmarker, with countries ranging from the UK, US, Japan and India (via PC Gamer). 11 locations are looking for a varying number of staff, and although none of the jobs indicate exactly what projects people will be working on, some may help us understand what the studio is up to.

At Rockstar North there are openings for character artists, vehicle artists and physics programmers, which may point to the classic open-world style game Rockstar is known for.


Rockstar North (based in Edinburgh, Scotland) led development on Grand Theft Auto 5, with a number of the company’s international studios helping with the project. At present 39 of the listed jobs are for Edinburgh, ranging from systems programmer and material artist to UI programmer.

Grand Theft Auto V. Credit: Rockstar.

Whilst there’s been no confirmation of this, it appears that the uptick in hires may be for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, which Rockstar said is “well underway” back in February of this year.

More recently, Rockstar said that it understands how the newest entry in the franchise must “exceed players’ expectations” when it finally comes out. That same post also said the studio was slowly moving resources over to the next Grand Theft Auto title, with these new jobs potentially building on this change at the company.

What is confirmed is that Rockstar will cease all “major” updates for Red Dead Online, as the studio says it will shift that work and focus onto Grand Theft Auto 6.

In other news, Minecraft has banned NFTs from its platform for promoting “scarcity and exclusion.”

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