‘Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy’ dataminers have found the missing songs

The songs haven’t been cut, they’ve just been programmed to skip

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy dataminers have found almost all the missing tracks still coded into the game.

Rockstar Games have faced quite a bit of backlash from fans after certain iconic tracks were missing from the remastered Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy.

According to dataminers though, tracks haven’t been cut – they’ve just been programmed not to play.


San Andreas contains all the cut music! It’s just disabled by script,” said user Ash_735 on Twitter.

“It seems Vice City is going by the 10th Anniversary list, so whatever songs were cut for that release are missing track numbers here now. However IF they’ve cut anymore music, then it’s been handled the same way as SA where they’ve left music in but disabled that track by script.”

“The stations have been split up at key points to allow tracks to be dropped in or out denoted by track number, for example, ALL of Flash FM is here except for Track 03, ‘Billie Jean’. (yes even ‘Running With the Night’,” he added.

This would explain why leaked footage of the game featured tracks not in the finished product.

The lack of iconic songs like Lionel Richie’s ‘Running With The Night’ isn’t the only problem players are facing with Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy though.


The title was temporarily pulled from the Playstation Store after fans accessed the game early, and now it’s currently unavailable to buy on PC, following issues with the Rockstar launcher. The remastered game has also removed a bunch of classic cheats for technical reasons, with the hacks not working well on Unreal.

It’s not all bad news for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy players though. The “big-head” cheat can still be used in game (to give everyone a big head) using the classic “Konami” cheat code.