‘Grounded’ announces ‘Shroom & Doom’ update and impossibly giant spider

A host of new garden activities to enjoy

Obsidian Entertainment has announced the next update for Grounded which will include a new enemy, achievement support, and more.

The newest update is less than a month away and will release on June 30.

The Shroom & Doom update trailer has revealed a variety of upcoming new gameplay features for players to enjoy.


Upcoming additions include the ability to create castles, befriend pets, as well as a whole host of new to battle creatures.

Also coming to Grounded is an enemy, which according to the trailer “literally no-one was asking for.”

The ‘Broodmother’ is a huge new spider that will pose a significant challenge to players whether or not they utilize the ‘arachnophobia safe mode’ option that players can activate if they have particular fear of spiders.

The trailer also confirmed the addition of achievements, a feature that players have been asking for whilst spending the last few months trying to survive.

Alongside these updates, Obsidian Entertainment is adding the ability for players to sit down on furniture – apparently a feature that “a lot of people” were demanding.


Grounded is a persistent survival world where players must survive in the undergrowth of a large garden after being shrunk down to a tiny size.

The game is currently in early access and is available on Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles. developers are currently aiming for an unspecified 2021 release date.