GSC Game World opens ‘Stalker 2’-themed supermarket in Kyiv

“For us, this is an important event and a kind of symbol of the vitality of Ukrainians”

It’s been announced that a Stalker 2-themed supermarket is set to permanently open in Kyiv.

Created as a partnership between Stalker 2 studio GSC Game World and Silpo (a chain of Ukrainian stores who specialise in themed shopping experiences), the store opened yesterday (August 16).

According to a statement on Facebook, creators said: “For us, this is an important event and a kind of symbol of the vitality of Ukrainians”.


They go on to say how the idea came about last summer after Silpo met the “incredible, like-minded people from GSC Game World, with whom we developed the design in collaboration.” However the invasion of Ukraine by Russia “overturned all our plans but the people of Kyiv need products [now] just as much as last year.”

The store acts as a typical supermarket but also stocks themed items like Stalker 2 brownies.

“It would be possible to generalise and say that we have everything, but this would be untrue, because there are no mutants and anomalies,” explains the store.

According to GSC, the store is set to be a permanent addition to Kyiv and they have plans to add more art installations once the war is over, including artistic recreations of the deadly mutants and supernatural anomalies that feature in the world of Stalker.

Development on Stalker 2 was originally postponed following the invasion of Russia, with game delayed until 2023. However, with much of GSC Game World’s development team relocating to Prague, work began once more in May.


In June, the remaining members of GSC who stayed in Ukraine shared a video showing what it’s like to “write violent quests when there’s a war outside your window“.

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