‘GTA Online’ Christmas update adds new freebies and discounts

Rockstar is offering big discounts in 'GTA Online'

The latest Christmas update for GTA Online sees the addition of free and discounted items for players.

As spotted by PCGamesN, GTA Online is offering players the chance to get their hands on several freebies this holiday season as well as a collection of discounts.

Players will get their hands on the Overflod Zeno, which is now available in the game for $2,820,000 GTA bucks from Legendary Motorsport. On the other hand, the Gallivanter Baller ST will be free from now until December 30, so players can log in and claim it for a limited time.


Several other discounts include 40 per cent off Nightclub renovations and upgrades, 50 per cent off the Ramp Buggy and RC Tank, as well as 25 per cent off The Contract DLC clothing.

Some freebies this holiday season include a festive shirt, a firework launcher equipped with 20 rockets, and a clownfish mask.

Rockstar Games released GTA Online: The Contract this month, a brand-new DLC featuring Dr. Dre. The expansion follows the player as they help Franklin and friends set up his “celebrity solutions agency” and do whatever they can to help recover Dr. Dre’s missing new music, which recently debuted exclusively within the game.

The free expansion, available to all owners of Grand Theft Auto V, also confirms which optional GTA V ending is canon.


In other news, Studio ZA/UM has released a new update for Disco Elysium – The Final Cut, which adds new mysteries to uncover to the RPG in the form of the Jamais Vu update. Still, the developer isn’t giving much away.

“To discover what we’ve done, we encourage you to play strangely and thoroughly,” the developer said. “You’ll have to do your best sleuthing or get chatting to your fellow players to figure it all out.”

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