‘GTA Online’ hackers force players phones to ring non-stop

“It's like psychological torture”

A GTA Online hacker seems to have found a new way to annoy players, by forcing their phones to ring non-stop until they restart the game.

First noticed by YouTuber ‘Gypsy’, the player’s phone would start playing a dial tone noise even when the phone was put away. There didn’t appear to be any other bugs, but the dial tone would not stop, even when calling GTA Online‘s NPCs, which just layered more dial tones on top.


The ringing follows players through cutscenes, phone calls, and even throughout the entire campaign until they do a full restart of the game. He likened the experience to “psychological torture”.

Rockstar and Take-Two have struggled to control cheaters and hackers in GTA Online for years now and have cracked down recently on dedicated cheat sites. LunaCheats, a popular source for GTA Online hacks, closed at the beginning of this year after having “discussions” with the publisher.

The cheat maker has since completely taken down its website, saying that it will no longer maintain, develop or distribute its hacks. It has also apologised to the GTA Online community, adding that it would donate all of its profits to a charity of Take-Two’s choice.

The cheat maker’s hacks had allowed players to enter “God Mode”, turn invisible, kick others from lobbies, and more. Although the ringing hack is not a game-breaking issue, Gypsy said that “it doesn’t matter how many C&D’s Take Two sends out. Hackers continue to mock Rockstar Games and find new ways to harass everybody in GTA Online.”

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