‘GTA Online’ will help players make more money in “sweeping” July update

Criminal Enterprises is one of the biggest 'GTA Online' updates yet

Rockstar has revealed that a “sweeping” GTA Online update launching next week will bring new missions, extra content for every business in the game, and increased payouts.

Yesterday (July 21), Rockstar shared a blog detailing the Criminal Enterprises update, which will launch on July 26. The Criminal Enterprises is one of GTA Online‘s biggest updates to date, and makes significant changes to the way that players can make money in the game. Every business activity has been updated with new missions, which offer new ways to earn cash or restock their business supplies.

Executive Offices will now offer daily shipments of Special Cargo to sell, and two new ways to source Special Cargo. For Clubhouses, MC presidents will be able to modify and deliver motorbikes to clients for cash, and there will also be two new clubhouse contracts to complete – as well as a new bar resupply missions to keep patrons happy.


GTA Online
GTA Online. Credit: Rockstar Games.

For Bunker owners there will be a daily mission to deliver ammo to an Ammu-Nation store, along with two new resupply missions and an extra way to increase research progress. Finally, Nightclubs will have new ways to source goods, along with new Club Management missions to promote the property’s less seedy business ventures. Players will also be able to boot out troublemakers and escort VIPs to “maintain the vibes”.

Along with new ways to make money, Rockstar is also increasing the payouts for a host of GTA Online‘s money making methods. Heists, races, adversary modes will all reward players with more cash, while associates, MC members, and bodyguards will all get paid more for their time. These changes address long-running criticism from GTA Online fans, who have long complained that GTA Online‘s payouts have not kept up with the increasing costs of new vehicles in recent years.

GTA Online Terminator
GTA Online. Credit: Rockstar Games

The Criminal Enterprises update will also bring a new mission, which tasks players with investigating whether a local “oil-rich dynasty” is illegitimately fuelling a spike in oil prices.

There’s also going to be several new vehicles, more options to customise cars at Benny’s, and a “comprehensive list” of quality of life improvements. This includes the dialling back of the Oppressor Mk 2’s homing missiles, better ways to heal during fights, and the ability to launch sell missions from private lobbies.


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