‘GTFO’ adds three new expeditions and a flying “giant meatball” enemy

The latest 'GTFO' update also brings "partial Steam Deck support"

10 Chambers has released an update for GTFO, which adds three lore-focused expeditions for players to enjoy, as well as a flying enemy which the studio has compared to a “giant meatball”.

Released today (April 12), the Rundown 6.5 update adds three new expeditions – called BX, CX and DX. These three expeditions are focused on adding more lore and tying up loose ends with GTFO’s storyline, ahead of the co-op shooter’s larger Rundown 7.0 update which is set to arrive in summer 2022.

Robin Björkell, communications director at 10 Chambers, has shared that “veteran players of GTFO will get to tie some loose ends of the story in GTFO with these three expeditions.”


“At the same time, it’s also interesting for new prisoners of the Complex, as the story will tie into what will happen in Rundown 7.0 – a big update planned for this summer,” added Björkell.

GTFO. Credit: 10 Chambers

The latest GTFO update also adds a new enemy to contend with – a flying monster with a powerful ranged attack. Although slow-moving, these monsters break up into a horde of smaller – and faster – beasts when defeated.

Discussing the new threat, Björkell joked that “The new enemy has been called everything from the overly descriptive’ big flying enemy’ to ‘the giant meatball.’ It will be interesting to see what the community dubs this beast.”

The Rundown 6.5 update has also brought “partial Steam Deck support”, a new Vanity Reward, and several bug fixes – you can see the full patch notes for Rundown 6.5 here.

GTFO launched back in December 2021 and has since shared a roadmap on what updates fans can expect to see in the game’s future.


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