Hackers take over official ‘Total War’ discord for an hour of mischief

Shameful display

Yesterday (August 21), hackers gained access to the official Total War Discord server, causing a headache for the community of almost 50,000 fans.

The hackers gained administrative powers over the server by hacking the Discord account of a Community Manager at Creative Assembly, which allowed them to run a fake Bitcoin scam, kick users, post NSFW content and more before being removed.

The incident gained the attention of the wider community when Reddit user ‘Flavahbeast’ posted a screenshot showing what appeared to be an official Creative Assembly discord account posting a shady Bitcoin promotion, encouraging readers to send the digital currency to an anonymous wallet.


While the message was sent from a Community Manager’s account, it very quickly became clear that it had been hacked. Further screenshots show the hacker attempting to sell admin roles for $10 (£7.34) and streaming YouTube videos before eventually admitting to hacking.

Users in the channel also report that NSFW fan art of Ratchet And Clank was posted in the screenshots tab, as well as many individuals who were kicked from the server altogether.

Luckily, it didn’t take long for Creative Assembly to regain control of the hacked account. Posting from SimoneCA just over an hour after being hacked, the Community Manager stated:

“Hey all! It’s me again, the real Simone. As you have noticed my account was recently hacked even though 2FA was active while I was on holiday. We are going to investigate how this happened, in the meantime we apologise for the inconvenience. We are going to clean up all the mess the hackers left now. Thanks.”

As August wraps up, fans of Total War: Warhammer 3 can expect to hear more on the upcoming game. Creative Assembly previously stated that while no news on the game would be shared until September, fans can expect news on Cathay’s roster, revamped siege battles and more.


In other news, Capcom is teasing something related to the first Resident Evil game, with fans speculating what the “itchy tasty” teaser could mean for the series.