‘Half-Life: Alyx’ receives promising ‘No VR’ mod

The acclaimed VR title is now playable without a headset thanks to a new mod.

Since its release, fans of Valve’s long-dormant sci-fi series have been calling for a way to play its newest entry, Half-Life: Alyx, without the use of a VR headset. Now, thanks to a new mod, it’s finally possible.

While other mods have attempted to convert the game to a traditional first-person shooter like the other entries in the series, they’ve often been clumsy, however, this new mod is extremely promising.

As first reported by DSOGaming, while the mod doesn’t have a release date yet, the modder who goes by the name SoMNst, has released a video showing how the team managed to accommodate the physics and the UI changes necessary in the transition from VR to traditional first-person.


The video shows off the opening area of the game, including the memorable moment wherein players can draw on a window using dry-wipe markers. The mod allows all of this to be interacted with without VR, allowing players to dictate depth with a mouse, rather than physically move forward with a VR controller.

Valve themselves have not announced plans to release a version of the game without the virtual reality requirement. This seems unlikely as the extremely positive critical reception to Half-Life: Alyx and its place as the system seller for Valve’s Index VR headset mean that releasing a traditional version of the game may undercut that success.

However, due to the clamouring for players for a new entry in the series after over a decade, should they decide to do it, it would likely be a huge sales success.

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