Halloween returns to ‘Apex Legends’ with Monsters Within event

Things are getting spooky in the Apex games

Respawn is releasing a new update for Apex Legends which includes new spooky cosmetics and the return of Shadow Royale.

Last year, Respawn celebrated Halloween with an in-game event that added cosmetic skins and the Shadow Royale limited-time mode. This year the mode is back, along with a new array of cosmetics.

A new trailer revealed the details of the events and some of the skins that will be available. While Revenants first game appearance was during the Shadow Royale event last year, he was not a playable character and did not get any new cosmetics. This time around, he is receiving a terrifying werewolf skin that adorns his metal skeleton with fur.


Caustic is also getting an interesting new skin that turns him into a cyborg. He has wires attached to his head and a tank with an unknown skull inside instead of a stomach.

The event will also see the return of Shadow Royale. This limited mode allowed players to enter into a new kind of Apex game. Players would jump into a match as usual and fight to be the last player standing. However, when a player is eliminated they don’t get to spectate, instead returning to the fight as a shadow. These players can only use melee attacks but have improved movement and climb speed. These shadows have infinite lives and can keep coming back to relentlessly pursue players until only one is standing.

Shadow Royale will only be available for the last week of the event.

For those who missed the event last year and are jealous of the skins they couldn’t acquire, the Apex store will be offering all of the Halloween skins from last year’s event and new recolours that haven’t been seen before.

Finally, Monsters Within will also add a new arena map to Apex Legends. Encore is located on Seer’s home planet of Boreas, a location that hasn’t appeared in the game before.


Monsters Within begins on October 12 and runs until November 2.

In other news, Eidos-Montréal is the first AAA studio to introduce a four-day workweek.