‘Halo Infinite’ cheating and BTB fixes coming soon says 343 Industries

Fixes are expected soon

According to 343 Industries fixes for issues like cheating and Big Team Battle matchmaking are coming to Halo Infinite fairly soon.

This comes from a blog post penned by community director Brian “ske7ch” Jarrard, who said that a general roadmap for Halo Infinite is also coming, but that putting it together takes time. Jarrard’s post mainly focused on Big Team Battle and cheating fixes though, with him writing:

“We know there are a number of other topics you’re eager to hear about – including some issues with instances of cheating. The team has been working on a patch for mid-Feb that looks to address this and other things, and we’ll have more details to come as we get closer to release. We are actively trying and still working to get as much as we can into this Feb update while still ensuring no negative impacts or regressions to other parts of the game.”


Back in November of last year, a major call came from players wishing for 343 to allow them to opt-out of cross-play, as console players were raising the issue of PC cheaters, who they couldn’t avoid. This was not mentioned in the post.

Halo Infinite multiplayer
Halo Infinite. Credit: 343 Industries

Jarrard also addressed Big Team Battle in Halo Infinite, saying that the team has been dealing with issues in the mode since launch, mainly that larger fireteams struggle to join games together.

A fix for the issue has been overviewed by a “strike team” and went into quality assurance last week, according to Jarrard. Who added that the “next steps are to continue testing and then move into the certification process as we prepare to release a hotfix/patch for this issue. It’s a little too soon to give an ETA yet but please know our goal is to release this as soon as we can while ensuring it doesn’t have any other unintended impact to the retail product.

“It won’t be this week, but we hope it’s not too much further out and we’ll share an update as soon as we have line of sight on a release date (once we clear ‘cert’ we are then ready to ship),” Jarrard added.

More details will be coming in due course, according to the post.


In other news, Phil Spencer has talked about the creation of a cross-platform ban list for the Xbox ecosystem, adding it would be a “hard one” to achieve.