‘Halo Infinite’ features a “drop weapon” button at last

It's been a 20 year wait for a simple button

Halo Infinite will feature a “drop weapon” button for the first time in the franchise’s history, a preview of the game has demonstrated.

As first spotted by PCGamer, Halo developer 343 Industries demonstrated its upcoming technical preview showing off the vast number of options in Halo Infinite‘s PC settings. In particular, that includes an option to bind the drop weapon command to whatever key you want.

After 20 years of the franchise lacking the crucial button, this is a pivotal change for teammates attempting to swap weapons as quickly as possible during a firefight.


During the preview, live operations producer, Sam Hanshaw, explained, “it’s been quite fun to use, especially when you’re playing with some less experienced players, you can secure rockets for them and hand it over to them, and they get to play around with a power weapon they might not normally have gotten.”

As a friendly jibe, community director Brian Jarrard chipped in with, “dare we say this is maybe the end of betraying your teammates to take sniper? Possibly?”

The technical preview stream didn’t show what controller button dropping a weapon is bound to by default for console players, but it’ll likely be an option here too.

Elsewhere, the preview also highlighted that Halo Infinite will be highly configurable. The stream showcased a FOV slider and options for how centred a player’s gun appears on the screen. It’s also possible to change the colour of the outline that appears around teammates and enemies, which will be a useful accessibility feature for colourblind players.

The Halo Infinite technical beta launches today for those players with invites and will feature several specific gameplay scenarios for 343 Industries to gather feedback from.