‘Halo Infinite’ glitch unofficially brings split screen co-op to the campaign

One, two, Chiefs in the new Halo, that’s what I said now

UPDATE: HaloDotAPI also tried the glitch, and whilst it didn’t work for them they recommended not trying it as it broke their save. We’ll update this story as we hear more about the method to get split screen working.

It appears as though the Halo Infinite campaign can be glitched to allow two-player split-screen co-op, although it looks like it’ll break game saves.

This was discovered and uploaded by Twitter user nobleactual, who shared a video (which can be seen below) of two Master Chiefs, in split-screen, in the Halo Infinite campaign.


Clearly, this is an unintentional glitch, so expect 343 Industries to patch it out shortly, but nobleactual still listed precisely how to get it working for anyone who fancies it:

  1. Infinite must be offline
  2. Connect the second controller
  3. Sign in to an Xbox account
  4. Start campaign with controller 1
  5. In-game, hit start and then back
  6. On the second controller, hit start to add the second player to the fireteam
  7. Halo infinite co-op enabled!

Despite this success, the second player has no heads-up display, and FOBs are completely broken alongside the story. Having the two Master Chiefs on each other’s screens seems to be pretty conclusive proof that split-screen can be achieved right now, though.

A warning was also issued along with the instructions, as making the game split-screen apparently leads to saves refusing to load, as shown by HaloDotAPI here (who we reached out to for further instructions on the glitch). Whether or not this is some early build of the split-screen left in the game by accident or another form of glitch does remain to be seen.

We haven’t been able to recreate the glitch with the limited time we have, although this article will be updated if and when we manage it ourselves.


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