‘Halo Infinite’ has its own “loot cave” full of weapons to grab

Could be a key part of future strategies for players

Halo Infinite has its very own loot cave, a live stream event by 343 Industries has revealed.

In the build-up to the game’s multiplayer tech preview this weekend, 343 Industries showed off a full Big Team Battle match to demonstrate what the game will be like. During the stream, it also highlighted a loot cave much like the ones seen in the Destiny series of games.


As a sub-objective on the map, there is a huge vault that is loaded with power weapons. It won’t be easy for players to access however, as entry requires hacking a big vault door and as defending from enemy attacks in the meantime. “Whoever gets here first gets the loot, essentially,” explained senior multiplayer designer Fernando Reyes Medina on the stream.

Of course, there are huge rewards to reap here with the tide of battle likely to be significantly shifted in the favour of whoever grabs the weapons first, so it will be worth players tackling the objective in a bid to get the ultimate weapons on the map.

It could also end up being a particularly popular spot for huge shootouts while everyone vies for the treasure.

For now, players will need to wait until one of the two back-to-back test weekends to see it for themselves. The first one runs this weekend from September 23 until September 26 with the second running from September 30 until October 3.

The test weekends are open to anyone who registered by September 13 so if you haven’t already done so, you’ve missed out.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Halo Infinite will have no multiplayer ranking system outside of its battle pass.


Players can also now play Halo-themed Solitaire and Mahjong while they wait for Halo Infinite to launch later this year.