‘Halo Infinite’ Mister Chief cosmetics called overpriced by players

The pack costs 2,000 credits

A new set of cosmetics based on the “Mister Chief” have been added to Halo Infinite, and many fans are saying that the pack is overpriced.

Based on the character who first appeared in Bungie weekly updates starting around 2004, the crudely drawn Mister Chief became a sort of unofficial mascot for the series, as illustrated by Frank O’Conner. O’Conner was originally the content manager at Halo creator Bungie but is now the franchise development director for the series at 343 Industries.

The game’s official Twitter said: “You’re the absolute zenith of human endeavour and a perfect encapsulation of human talent, and now there’s a Personal AI to match.”


Players have been taking to Twitter and Reddit to voice concerns over the Mister Chief pack in Halo Infinite, not because of its price in and of itself, but because the price seems high for what the collection contains.

Priced at 2,000 in-game credits (around $20 USD or £15), the pack contains an AI, weapon charm, an emblem, and an assortment of skins. Comparisons have been made to voice line packs in Halo 5 costing half the price or full outfit sets in Fortnite costing similar but with extra in-game currency attached.

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite. Credit: 343 Industries.

In 2015 Mister Chief starred in a video detailing the Halo 5 REQ system, which can be found here. YouTuber HiddenXperia added that “the fact that Mister Chief, the character that lectured and made fun of players for not being happy with the RNG microtransaction REQ system in Halo 5, is now being sold for 20 USD is frankly hilarious.”

Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer portion launched early in November to quite a lot of success. However, concerns with monetisation, playlists and game modes were at the top of player issues.


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