‘Halo Infinite’ mod creates the abomination that is the “Tank Hog”

Now this is a hybrid car

Halo Infinite’s early release of a free-to-play multiplayer beta has not stopped players from creating some truly astounding mods, but one seems to stick out from the rest.

As noted by PC Gamer, modders have been having a field day with mods in the new Halo, and one is definitely ludicrous. Appropriately called the “Tank Hog”, this mash-up combines the Warthog with the Scorpion tank, so now there’s a huge tank cannon on a car, because why not.

Viewable in the below video from Gamecheat13 on YouTube, you can see the Tank Hog put to good use in a game against bots. This is definitely not one of those scenarios where you ask why or how, and just marvel at the creation before you.


A quick peruse of the phrase “Halo Infinite mod” on YouTube also yields some interesting results, as players have made the Pelican and Phantom an actual vehicle that players can pilot themselves.

Halo mods have also been making their way into other games as well, a few weeks ago we found that someone had been modding over-the-should camera angles and Halo weapons into Dark Souls, even going so far as to add playable maps and multiplayer matches to the game as well.

According to modder InfernoPlus, every gun “has its own individual set of custom animations. This is because Halo’s guns are all sorts of different shapes and sizes, so there’s no one size fits all solution to make this work.”

It looks as though Halo mods will just keep getting crazier, especially when the campaign portion of Halo Infinite launches on December 8.


In other news, Xbox has created a virtual museum that curates individual player states and ups and downs of the platform’s history.