‘Halo Infinite’ outlines upcoming events and how to maximise XP gains

Completing event challenges will reward both the event tiers and the season one battle pass

Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer will run multiple events through its six-month first season, and the free rewards and event themes have been detailed.

Up first is the Samurai-themed Fracture: Tenrai event, running from November 23 to 30, which another three events throughout the season will then follow. These events will come and go throughout season one, but players will maintain progress each time they return.


The most important information is how these free event passes will work with the ongoing battle pass, which many players aren’t happy with, even as 343 Industries is bringing out improvements. As marketing lead, Noah Benesch says: “Events have specific challenges that will be marked in your challenge menu with a coloured banner. Completing an Event Challenge will instantly unlock an Event Pass reward tier AND award the challenge XP to your S1 pass. But, normal challenges will not progress the event pass.”

This means that event pass challenges will contribute to the battle pass, but not the other way around. Giving players more challenges to work through, as they are the only way to earn XP in Halo Infinite, is likely to be a welcome addition to the current progression system.

Halo Infinite multiplayer energy sword
Halo Infinite. Credit: 343 Industries

Now, the Fracture: Tenrai event looks to have 30 tiers to grind through, with some of the rewards including pieces of the Yoroi armour, emblems, and new gun skins. Exactly how often the four events – Fracture: Tenrai, Winter Contingency, Cyber Showdown and Tactical Ops – will rotate between each other remains to be seen, but doing so every couple of months at least would mean that most weeks may have two sets of XP challenges at a time for players.

Some players still aren’t 100 per cent happy with the “band-aid” style fix to the battle pass, but 343 Industries has said the recent changes are the first of many and that the team is constantly listening to and acting on player feedback.


In other Halo news, both the co-op campaign and Forge features have been pushed back to May 2022 and beyond.

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