‘Halo Infinite’ Season 2 maps previewed ahead of May launch

The Catalyst and Breaker maps launch with Season 2 on May 3

343 Industries has released video footage – and blog details – of the two new maps coming to Halo Infinite with Season 2.

Called “Lone Wolves,” Season 2 of Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer launches on May 3 and it will include new multiplayer maps Catalyst and Breaker. In preparation of their release, 343 has shared a short video and a blog post detailing the maps.

Halo Infinite multiplayer level designer Tyler Ensrude talked about the maps, saying: “Catalyst is a symmetrical arena map nested high up inside of an expansive, tunnel-like Forerunner structure. You’ll find waterfalls pouring down around suspended catwalks, overgrown cathedral walls, and a light bridge connecting the sides of the map together.”


Catalyst is also described as an abandoned forerunner edifice, and the footage shows quite a few opportunities for elevated combat scenarios amid the metal and overgrowth.

Meanwhile, Ensrude adds that “Breaker is a pseudo symmetric [Big Team Battle] map set in a Banished scrapyard where each team’s base is a huge chunk of ship debris, divided by the plasma cutting beam structure in the middle”. The beam present in the map is described as a “dynamic element” that will impact matches and gameplay as well.

There’s a small vehicle jump ramp on the Breaker map that has the aforementioned giant mining laser intermittently go past, which will surely make quick work of any Spartans caught in it.

Halo Infinite multiplayer
Halo Infinite. Credit: 343 Industries

According to the blog post, next week will see another post about the new game modes coming to Halo Infinite, which includes Last Spartan Standing, King of the Hill and Land Grab.


Lone Wolves is a free update for Halo Infinite, although it will include a purchasable battle pass. Everything known about the game’s second season can be found here.

In other news, the Bethesda launcher’s migration to Steam has been dated for late April, with details published on moving games, wallet funds and save data across.