‘Halo Infinite’ was not at Gamescom and still has no release date

This follows news that the campaign may be under a lot of stress

Halo Infinite was nowhere to be found during the Xbox showcase at Gamescom 2021, with a release date for the game still unknown. 

Slated to come out at some point in 2021, Halo Infinite is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Instead of showing anything about the game, Microsoft instead closed out its Gamescom event with Forza Horizon 5, which will release on November 5.

The lack of detail at Gamescom 2021 follows a recent Reddit post from a supposed 343 Industries developer, who said that the campaign mode for the game is under “massive strain”.


Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite Credit: Microsoft

“A lot of people are frustrated with the announcement,” said the developer, “so I thought I’d shed some light on it because we are insanely frustrated internally too, not because the delay happened – not at all, but because we wanted to tell you earlier.

“The team has been pushing not just delays to Forge and co-op, but campaign in general,” they added. “I can see multiplayer making [the] release date in a great state, with basically all of the main modes plus a couple grab bag goodies, including some original stuff we’re cooking up.”

This post followed the news from the recent development update that Halo Infinite would not be receiving a co-op campaign or Forge mode at launch, with both coming months down the line instead.

The same development update didn’t have any gameplay for Halo Infinite, but live producer Sam Hanshaw did call the game’s technical preview “a success”. We do also know from the update that the multiplayer and campaign modes for the game will actually launch at the same time, whenever that will be.


Elsewhere at Gamescom, cloud gaming is coming to Xbox consoles later this year, and Microsoft Flight Simulator will be getting competitive multiplayer via a Reno Air Races expansion.