‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ official mod support breaks fan mods

Almost 50 mods no longer work

Official mod support for Halo: The Master Chief Collection which released earlier this week (June 23) has rendered numerous fan made mods unplayable.

Originally reported by PCGamesN, the official mod support for The Master Chief Collection has come at the cost of compatibility for numerous fan-made mods.

Fans had already worked out how to mod Halo: The Master Chief Collection before 343 Industries announced official support. The official Halo MCC Nexus Mods page contains over 44 pages of mods, many of which are labelled as broken.


Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Credit: 343 Industries

At the time of writing there are 44 broken mods on Nexus Mods. However, some developers have stated they are in the process of fixing mods.

Broken mods include Halo Reach – The Ultimate Forge World, Halo 3: ODST Final Battle which allows players to finish the game as an ODST soldier, and also a mod that adds Minecraft items to the game.

One of the most substantial mods affected by the update was Halo Reach Covenant Campaign. The mod allowed players to fight against the humans as the covenant. Fans were able play the entire campaign from the perspective of the antagonists.

Mod creator TheForlornRaven posted about the official 343 update, stating that “the only option would be to completely remake the mod”. They also confirmed that the only way to fix this would be for 343 Industries to create some kind of conversion tool for the modding community.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection‘s producer recently confirmed the team had tested the possibility of increasing the player count in multiplayer modes. A future update could see up to 60 players battling it out in Halo’s traditionally 24-player maps.


Elsewhere, the project director of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Mac Walters, spoke about the rumoured Mass Effect film adaptation this week.

Speaking about the adaptation, Walters commented that “it felt like we were always fighting the IP.”