‘Hearthstone Mercenaries’ devs tease upcoming ranked mode

Expect seasons and rewards much like ‘Hearthstone’

Hearthstone Mercenaries doesn’t have a ranked mode, but it looks as though it might be getting one sooner rather than later.

Hearthstone lead game producer Gloria Zhang told NME that while Hearthstone Mercenaries doesn’t have a ranked mode yet, Blizzard does have some interesting plans.

“We do have a season concept for the PvP game mode at large,” explained Zhang. “It’s going to be a monthly cycle.”


This doesn’t come as a huge surprise – after all, Hearthstone ranked operates on the same monthly seasons. But it looks as though you won’t have to wait until the end of the season to claim Mercenaries ranked rewards.

“When you hit a certain threshold, you will be able to obtain the rewards right away,” she explained. “You won’t have to wait until the end of the season to get what you get. You can just click the chest box on the PvP UI to see at which point in the season you will get which rewards – and how far away you are.”

As for when ranked will be implemented in Mercenaries, that remains unknown.

“We’re excited to see how players interact with Mercenaries right now,” said associate game designer Ates Bayraktaroglu. “As we become more aware of what players want within this mode, we will adapt accordingly.”

Blizzard’s plans for a Mercenary ranked mode certainly don’t sound too far-fetched – as long as there’s enough demand to make it worthwhile. As for what else is coming to Mercenaries in PvP, we’ll have to wait and see.

Hearthstone Mercenaries, the new RPG style Hearthstone mode, launched today on Android, iOS and PC. Assemble a ragtag band of mercenaries, including some of your favourite Hearthstone characters, and take on epic foes in team combat.


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