‘Hearthstone Mercenaries’ may introduce more non-Warcraft characters

Diablo’s appearance in Hearthstone is just the beginning

Hearthstone Mercenaries includes Diablo as a playable character, and it looks as though we could see more non-Hearthstone mercs in the future.

Hearthstone lead game producer Gloria Zhang explained Blizzard‘s plans for other mercenaries outside of the Hearthstone franchise.

“Right now, we do not have a plan for additional cross-franchise characters,” she said. “But I do not see why we could not do more in the future.”


Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time a Diablo character has appeared in Hearthstone. The Diablo anniversary tavern brawl introduced both Aidan (the man who becomes Diablo after killing the original Lord of Terror) and the Cow King.

“But still, yeah. Gotta be careful and in good taste if there will be more crossovers,” said one reddit user. “Diablo I think still sort-of fits.”

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to imagine the likes of Tyrael and Imperius showing up as new mercenaries – perhaps even more of Diablo’s demons such as Azmodan or Mephisto. But characters from Overwatch or Starcraft may be going a bit too far for Hearthstone fans.

“Diablo is a good fit,” said another reddit user. “Something like Overwatch would really clash though IMO.”

Diablo can be acquired in-game or as part of a pre-order card packs deal which has come under fire due to its cost. Some players are annoyed that the new Mercenaries mode uses its own separate cards and packs – an additional monetization stream which some feel is just too much.

Hearthstone Mercenaries, the new RPG style game mode, has launched in Hearthstone today on Android, iOS and PC. This new mode tasks players with putting together a band of mercenaries to take on new challenges – in both campaign and PvP modes.


Meanwhile, Hearthstone Mercenaries character Alexstrasza originally introduced a cool new mechanic before it was cut from the final game.