‘Hearts Of Iron IV’ Soviet rework required a separate team

Not one step back

Paradox Interactive has released a colossal Hearts Of Iron IV dev diary to outline the changes coming to the Soviet faction in the upcoming Barbarossa update.

The Soviet faction for Heart Of Iron IV is receiving a massive overhaul as many factions have over the game’s lifespan. To outline these changes, a thorough dev diary has been shared on the Paradox forum. The only part of the Soviet update that is missing is the alt-history options, which will be shared next week.

The changes are as vast as the Soviet Union was and required Paradox to form Content Design Soviet to focus on the changes. The upcoming changes will include more national starting spirits to better fit the Soviet Union’s state in the pre-war eras.


A new starting advisor has been added, as well as new Generals. The list of options is long as many of them could be lost to Stalin’s purges as the game progresses.

The focus tree allows players to develop their nation using historical and not so historical but plausible direction for progression. The Soviets’ new tree is wide with several potential branches. However, the dev diary says that players will not be able to complete every focus, so choosing a strategy and committing to those focuses will be the key to success.

To represent the poor state of the Soviet Airforce, a new national spirit will be added that levies severe penalties against air units. They can be removed and potentially improved to bonuses using the Airforce branch of the focus tree.

During the Soviet’s war campaign, many of its factories were merged with plants and bureaus to work more efficiently on needed projects. This is represented in Hearts Of Iron IV with focuses allowing for the merging and reorganising of plants to gain small bonuses.

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