‘Hell Let Loose’ will leave Steam Early Access next month

Hell Let Loose let loose

Squad-based first-person shooter Hell Let Loose is leaving Steam Early Access next month alongside Update 10.

The update will include new Kursk and Stalingrad maps, an overhaul of the oldest Hell Let Loose map Sainte-Marie-Du-Mont, and a few more tweaks and upgrades. The biggest news shared in the latest dev blog post, however, was the departure from Early Access.

The developers described the move as “drawing a line” under what they consider to be the “base game”, announcing they will be leaving Early Access when Hell Let Loose gets its tenth update.


The team reassured fans they were still going to keep their Kickstarter pledges, and would keep working on the game itself for a long time to come. “Hell Let Loose is an enormous game”, explained the dev blog, “With hundreds of features that all need to coexist and will continue to be refined or changed as we always have.

New content will continue to shift the meta towards our ultimate vision for the title”.

They also confirmed that work on Hell Let Loose will not slow down or be less of a priority. Their roadmap for the future includes new Western and Eastern front maps, new forces and theatres, new vehicles, campaign modes, and “much, much more”.

The team also explained how their source material required the game to be a work in progress.

“Fundamentally, World War Two is an enormous conflict, with thousands of different aspects worth exploring,” the blog continues, “As a development team, we’re fully committed to continuing to work together with the community to build on this core foundation of Hell Let Loose well into the future. We’re very excited to have you on the journey with us!”


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