Here are the times you can start playing ‘New World’

Breakfast in Aeternum

Amazon has announced when servers will be going online for New World when it launches next week.

Taking to Twitter, Amazon shared a handy graphic telling players when and where servers will be going online on release day, September 28 – check it out below.


As you can see, pretty much every country will be able to enter New World and Aeternum at 8 AM, local time apart from Australia.

Taking to a New World blog, developers explained: “To provide the best possible experience at launch, we’ve decided to open our Australian server at a time that aligns with the larger global roll-out.

“Following the 8 AM pattern for Australia would have resulted in it being a different “day” than other regions due to the time difference, and we wanted the region to be able to share in the launch community elsewhere in the world, like streams and website posts.”

Amazon has also revealed a list of almost 200 servers on both coasts of the US, Central Europe, Australia and South America that will be available from launch. The complete list can be viewed here.

“Aeternum is a place of legend, so our servers use the names of legendary realms from mythology, such as the homes of various gods, the Underworld, or mythical cities and magical lands from various cultures,” said the blog post.

“Each server holds thousands of players simultaneously. We also have additional servers held in reserve, and we’ll add the reserve servers and adjust newly created servers based on the demand in our supported regions.


“We started with the data centres based on player interest and our ability to service them well. While AWS operates worldwide, we have to make sure we can operate well in an area before launching there. With that in mind, we will be looking into other server locations post-launch.”

New World releases September 28 and will be live at the following times: 8 AM PDT for US West, 8 AM EDT for US East, 8 AM CEST for EU, 8 AM BRT for South America, 9 PM AEST for Australia.

Ahead of launch, it’s been revealed that Game Of Thrones composers Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell have collaborated to create music for New World.