Here’s what the Steam Deck UI looks like on desktops

The new UI is also set to replace Steam's Big Picture Mode

Following the delivery of development kits for Steam Deck earlier this week, it appears images of how the UI looks are appearing online.

As reported in PC Gamer, SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik shared screenshots of how the Steam Deck UI looks on his Windows desktop, which is essentially the Steam Deck UI on a big screen, and what is set to replace Steam’s existing Big Picture Mode.

“It’s basically the desktop library just reformatted a bit,” Djundik wrote. “There is no way to access the store at the moment.”


He also claimed that SteamOS 3 has leaked and some users are already installing the operating system on other portable PCs, adding, “Steam itself is just the same Linux client with a different view (it’s JavaScript).”

Djundik also pointed out that as the UI part of the dev kit, it’s still a “work-in-progress” so it’s possible that the final product may still change ahead of its official launch in December.

There are still concerns around the Steam Deck, notably after Proton’s president warned that the portable platform may not be able to run every Steam game at launch. Valve appears to be working to address any issues, having previously responded to concerns that anti-cheat software could also prevent some games running on Steam Deck, saying it is working with anti-cheat makers to address the problems before launch.

The Steam Deck was first announced in July 2021, immediately selling out its pre-orders. However, not all who pre-ordered are guaranteed to receive one for the December launch, as hardware is expected to release in waves, so customers who were unable to get a first-batch reservation will have to wait until 2022 to receive their unit.


Elsewhere, a new confidential FCC filing hints that Nintendo may be planning to reveal a new game controller in six months’ time.