Hideo Kojima says ‘Abandoned’ conspiracies are “really quite a nuisance”

Theories have been circling for a while that Kojima is involved in the cult indie game

Hideo Kojima has finally spoken out on the conspiracies that he’s involved with Abandoned, saying it’s “really quite a nuisance”.

Despite Blue Box Game Studios creator Hasan Kahraman confirming to NME that Kojima was “absolutely not” involved in the cult PS5 survival shooter, rumours have persisted about his involvement.

In a new interview with Geoff Keighley on his podcast Brain Structure, titled “The truths behind internet rumors?!,” Kojima put the rumours to bed himself.


“Users just kept sending me pictures of this ‘Hasan’,” Kojima said. “They still send me collages and deep fake images, like twenty a day, it’s really quite a nuisance.”

In his NME interview, Kahraman said: “We receive emails or tweets on a daily basis from people saying: ‘Hey Kojima, I know what you’re doing!’ or stuff like: ‘Are you really Kojima? Are you working on Silent Hill?’ We always responded to these rumours, but we stopped responding after my last video because at this point, I was like: ‘No matter how much you try to respond, no matter how much you try to be against it, it’s not working’. At that point, I stopped responding to these rumours.”

In the same interview, the creator said that Abandoned is “not what people think” and described it as “not really a horror game”.

He said: “Abandoned is a shooter/survival game,” he told NME. “It has some horror elements in it but it’s not really a horror game. It’s not what people think – that it’s Silent Hill.”

Elsewhere, sources close to the lead developer of Abandoned have claimed that progress on the PlayStation 5 title has stalled, but Blue Box insisted that it’s still “in development”.


According to a new report from GameSpot, several people close to the lead developer on the project, Hasan Kahraman, told the site that there is no game that is being actively worked on.

Despite reassuring fans on social media that the survival-horror game is progressing, Kahraman has reportedly admitted Abandoned is on hold and he first needs to fund its development with a playable prologue, but the site’s sources say he doesn’t seem to be in a hurry.