“High end RPG” remake for PS5 coming from Mutan Insight

Unreal Engine 5 is also mentioned in the job listing

Developer Mutan Insight is hiring for a PS5 remake of a role-playing game, according to a job listing.

As noted by Gematsu, the job listing is looking for multiple roles for an undisclosed project. NME’s translation reads some relevant details as such:

“Project Outline

  • High end RPG for the PS5 (Remake, title not disclosed)
  • Development using game engines such as Unreal Engine 5”

Whilst the RPG being remade is still up for questioning, the use of multiple engines is highlighted. Further down in the job listing it is noted that cutscene experience for both Unreal Engine 4 and Unity is needed, and that motion capture experience is required as well (for the 3D motion designer job).

PS5 DualSense Create button
Image Credit: Sony

There’s jobs on offer for a 3D motion designer, 3D background designer, 2D character designer and a 3D art director. The timeline for development of the PS5 remake is currently unknown, with the job listing deliberately leaving the reveal blank.

Mutan Insight is a subsidiary of Mutan, located on Tokyo, Japan. It has worked on character models for other series’ such as Blue Reflection and Atelier, and previously developed the Final Fantasy 15 DLC Episode Ardyn.

In relevant news, the director of Final Fantasy 15, Hajime Tabata, has announced that his new JRPG since leaving Square Enix will be revealed next year. “It looks like we’ll be able to unveil the RPG under development later this year. The goal for 2022 is to expand the game business and the metaverse business to power up the company,” he said.


In other news, the three free games for PS Plus subscribers in January have been revealed, giving players a little bit longer to redeem this month’s titles. Available from January 4 to February 4, with last months free titles staying redeemable until January 3.


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