‘Hitman 3’ is facing day one issues with its cross-save progression

“We're hard at work on getting IOI Account back online to enable progression carryover”

Hitman 3 is facing day one launch issues, resulting in many owners unable to port their saves across from previous entries.

One of the biggest features in Hitman 3 is the ability to carry over all the levels and progress made in past games. Due to this. the server’s have been hit by increased traffic on day one of the final instalment’s launch, causing the system to go down.

IO Interactive has said it is “working hard” to get the issue rectified as soon as possible and will let people know via its social media channels and website when the ability to do so is available again.


See the full tweet below:

Players are currently able to play Hitman 3, but any progress made will be wiped once the save progress has been transferred over, resulting in many holding off until the problem is rectified.

It was originally conceived that PC players would be forced to rebuy the levels again on the Epic Games Store, instead of simply being able to import them in a similar vein to the console counterparts. IO Interactive later came forward stating that this will not be the case, promising PC players they will no longer need to repurchase the previous instalments.

Hitman 3 has also launched on the Nintendo Switch today (January 20) via a new cloud gaming service available on the system. Players will be able to stream the game directly to the handheld hybrid, meaning the game can be played on the go.


NME reviewed Hitman 3, calling it “absurd international assassination at its absolute finest”, also citing it as a “great place to start for those new to the series”.

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