‘Hitman 3’ Winter Roadmap sees the return of Santa 47

Happy holidays from Agent 47

IO Interactive has put out a video detailing the Winter Roadmap for Hitman 3, with new content and returning elusive targets. 

The video, released on the official Hitman YouTube channel, details what is coming to the game through December and January. The mission Holiday Hoarders, seen in both Hitman (2016), and Hitman 2, make its debut in the third iteration of the game. The hoarders are back in Paris, and you’ll need to stop burglars Harry and Marv.

Players will also be able to don Agent 47 in the Santa 47 suit, which you can unlock from playing the mission. Holiday Hoarders is also a permanent addition to the game for all owners of Hitman 3, but you can play it for free if you own the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack all throughout December.


Starting Friday December 3, and every Friday through to January 19, players will have the opportunity to take down all previous elusive targets once again. If you missed them the first time, now you’ll have the chance to take down the Collector in Dartmoor, the Liability in Berlin, or The Rage in Chongqing.

January 3 will see the addition of the Hokkaido Snow Festival, which is being added as a permanent event. You’ll be able to throw snowballs, and unlock other winter-themed items, such as The Ice Pick and the Snow Festival Suit. Again, players who own the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack can play the event for free until February 4.

The Winter Roadmap video also stated that January 20 is when Hitman 3 Year 2 will kick off, but didn’t specify when ray tracing, VR on PC, and the Elusive Target Arcade mode are arriving other than “early 2022.”

In other news, Valve have confirmed that there won’t be any games exclusive to the Steam Deck.

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