‘Hitman 3’ Year 2 adds PC VR, Ray Tracing, and more

Hitman 3's second year looks promising

Developer IO Interactive has announced the roadmap for Hitman 3’s second year of post-release content, including new maps.

The new roadmap comes as IO Interactive has revealed that Hitman 3 has been the best selling entry in the series’ “World Of Assassination” trilogy. The trilogy as a whole has reached the milestone of 50million players, but no specific breakdown of how that splits across the three games was given.

Starting in January 2022, Hitman 3 will begin to receive its next year of content and some nice upgrades. The roadmap details ray tracing features coming, noting “Hitman 3 has already been enhanced on PC with support for 8+ core CPUs and Variable Rate Shading. In 2022, Hitman 3 will also support Ray Tracing on PC.”


Hitman 3 also launched with PSVR support for PlayStation consoles but was missing support for PC VR systems. However, this will change next year, as Hitman VR comes to PC. The platforms and headsets that will be supported have not yet been announced but will be confirmed before Year 2 starts on January 20, 2022. The announcement trailer for Year 2 showed players using the Valve Index and Oculus Quest 2 headsets.

The update will also add an Elusive Target Arcade to Hitman 3. “Prepare to take on the ultimate Elusive Target challenge in a change to the established formula in this fan-favourite game mode,” the announcement reads. “All Elusive Target Arcade content will be a permanent addition to the game. Full details on how this game mode works will be shared in early January 2022.”

Finally, IO teased a significant update for Spring 2022, but no details have been given. They did, however, say that Year 2 would contain new maps, storylines, modes, and ways to play.

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