‘Hitman 3’’s Season Of Lust adds new contracts, weapons, and more

Marrakesh is also temporarily free for all players

IO Interactive’s Hitman 3 has received its fourth act of additional content – Season Of Lust – which adds new premium and free content.

The premium content included in Season Of Lust includes a new outfit for Agent 47, the Scarlet Suit. This red snakeskin suit comes with matching sunglasses and driving gloves. Also added is a new weapon, The Serpent’s Tongue, a unique crossbow that players can load with blinding darts. Finally, The Serpent’s Bite is a new remote explosive that looks like a coiled snake.

All Hitman 3 players will gain access to the Marrakesh location until August 8. This map was originally included in Hitman 1 and took players to North Africa. It features busy, cramped streets, an abandoned school, and a Swedish embassy.


On July 30, a new elusive target will become available. The Heartbreaker is a wedding planner who is visiting the Mendoza map. As with all Elusive Targets, you will have a limited time to take him out, and once he is dead, you cannot reload saves or attempt the hit again. The Heartbreaker departs on August 9, though a second elusive target will arrive on August 20.

Hitman will add also add a new permanent event on August 5, the Dartmoor Garden Show. In this mission, players will visit Dartmoor manor with a few new additions to the grounds. The first three times you play through the event, your targets will leave a random contestant as the winner. After this, you unlock a new Summer Sightseeing Suit and gain the ability to choose your targets the next time you enter the event.

Elsewhere, PUBG‘s Taego map gets an overhaul in the latest update. This includes changes to care packages, and a potentially explosive drop plane.