Hoame is releasing a subscription-based mediation app for Quest 2

A guided spiritual journey from your own home

Hoame is a Toronto-based meditation service that is launching an app on Quest 2 later this month.

The subscription service will allow users to go on guided mediations using the Quest 2 headsets. The app appeared on the coming soon section of the Quest store, as spotted by UploadVR. It does not have a confirmed release date but is set to release in January.

Hoame usually does in-person guided meditations, but the app will offer recordings of instructors in virtual environments to assist in completing meditations. This includes a trailer that demonstrates features such as a mood and progress tracker. The app appears to feature customisable environments.


Membership to Hoame will allow users to access daily studio sessions and replay past sessions at their leisure. Every month there will be a workshop that users can participate in. The subscription service doesn’t yet have a price but will include a seven-day trial so those interested can see what it is like. The store page says that users can “choose the plan that is best for you and start today,” so there could be multiple price points to select.

The Quest 2 has recently seen a spike in sales. Steam’s hardware survey shows that 40 per cent of connected headsets are the Quest 2. This also aligns with a surge in players that was noticed by developers, and the oculus app briefly became the most popular app on the Apple App Store. This boom of users came across the Christmas period suggesting that many headsets were waiting under trees this year.

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