‘Hollow Knight Silksong’ is confirmed as a day one Xbox Games Pass release

'Hollow Knight Silksong' will be a day one Xbox Games pass launch within the next 12 months, as announced at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase

After a long wait,  Hollow Knight: Silksong has finally been seen once more. The sequel to the popular 2017 Metroidvania action-adventure hit Hollow Knight has had its first reveal since its announcement in 2019.

Fans were treated to some more in-game footage from Silksong after three years of eager anticipation. Team Cherry showed the main character, Hornet, exploring a lava-filled world with familiar mechanics and battling their way through enemies.


After the initial excitement of Silksong’s announcement in 2019, fans were left disappointed in 2021 when Team Cherry announced they did “not have any announcements/blogs scheduled for E3 this year”, confirming that Silksong would not be seen again during that time period.

Silksong was originally announced in February 2019 as a sequel to Hollow Knight but hadn’t been seen since. Whilst there is no specific release date, it has been confirmed to be available as a day one Xbox Games Pass release for PC and consoles. Combine this with the fact that Xbox exec Sarah Bond stated during the showcase that all games shown will be available within the next 12 months, we at least have more of a window for the game’s arrival than previously.

Hollow Knight was initially released on PC in 2017 before coming to other platforms at a later date and was met with critical and commercial success, selling over 2.8million copies as of February 2019.

In other news, Hideo Kojima is collaborating with Xbox Game Studios for his next game, although there’s no confirmation of what it will be.

From a campaign reveal for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to a slew of indie games revealed at Day Of The Devs 2022, announcements from this week have been coming in thick and fast. To keep up to date with trailers, announcements and surprise launches you may have missed, make sure to keep an eye on our Summer Of Games 2022 roundup.

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