‘Homicidal All-Stars’ trailer reveals turn-based action and gory reality TV

Twitch viewers will also be able to make in-game decisions

Publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment has announced Homicidal All-Stars, a turn-based strategy game that tasks players with winning an “ultra brutal reality game show.”

Developed by Artificer, Homicidal All-Stars is set in the late 21st century, and follows contestants in a reality game show of the same name.

“In a fraying society increasingly plagued by extreme income inequality, rapacious corporations, climate change-triggered natural disasters and wars, violent crime, and overpopulation, the bloody carnage of Homicidal All-Stars provides a welcome distraction,” reads the game’s Steam page.


The game will involve a mix of real-time level exploration and turn-based combat, and players will be able to put together their own team of contestants for each battle.

“Become a star: gain fame by avoiding death, surviving rounds, and eliminating your enemies with gruesome panache. The more you succeed, the more fans you earn; and your growing fame will yield increasingly beneficial sponsorship deals.”

A trailer for the game released yesterday (July 28) shows that Artificer is not holding back with the gore. Displayed as an in-universe trailer for the game’s TV show, the trailer shows unfortunate contestants being shot, hit by gory traps, and even being hit by a train.

In line with Homicidal All-Stars‘ theme, the game will also allow for Twitch integration that lets streamers’ audiences choose what happens in the show. This involves a “special mode created for Twitch streamers where your viewers act as the audience and can vote on events that happen in the game. Do they open a door for you or will they select the explosive barrels?”

Homicidal All-Stars doesn’t have a release date just yet, but will launch on Steam and GOG later this year.


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